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Wage and Hour Dispute Lawyers in King County WA

Wage and Hour Dispute Lawyers in King County, WA We are the best wage and hour dispute attorney in King County, Washington with decades of experience protecting employee rights. Wage and hours disputes have reached an all-time high as the U.S. department of labor...

Hiring an Employment Law Attorney in Kirkland, WA

Hiring an Employment Law Attorney in Kirkland, WA If you have questions about hiring an employment law attorney in Kirkland, WA we can help. Are you stressed out due to an issue you can’t handle yourself within the workplace, including your Human Resources...

Why You Need a Wrongful Termination Attorney in Bellevue, WA

Why You Need a Wrongful Termination Attorney in Bellevue, WA Being terminated for legal reasons can be scary and stressful enough. However, it is down-right emotionally distressing and humiliating to be wrongfully terminated. In order to determine whether or not you...

Workplace Discrimination Attorneys in King County, WA

Workplace Discrimination Attorneys in King County, WA Kuderer & Tamblyn - Mercer Island Law Group has over 90 years of combined legal experience. Our Workplace Discrimination Attorneys in King County, WA know how to protect your financial rights during an...

Employment Law Attorneys in Seattle and Filing a Workplace Lawsuit

Employment Law Attorneys in Seattle and Filing a Workplace Lawsuit When you accept a position with a company your hopes are high. Everyone loves a new beginning. Whether you've landed a career position, of if you toot a job to pay the bills, you're usually happy...

Free Consultation with a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Bellevue

Free Consultation with a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Bellevue There's no room for sexual abuse in the workplace. If you believe you're been sexually harassed at work, we can help. Our Bellevue Employment Law Attorneys have over 90 years of combined legal...

Employment Law Attorneys in Bellevue WA

Employment Law Attorneys in Bellevue WA If you're searching for Employment Law Attorneys in Bellevue WA you've come to the right website. Our law firm has decades of experience handling complex cases. From sexual harassment to complicated employment contract...

Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys represent a collective group of individuals who have been taken advantage of in a similar manner. The Stanford Law School reports that since 1996, over $100 Billion dollars has been recovered through class actions suites. The most common type of class action lawsuit is against a single employer. Collectively, the group of plaintiffs share similar experiences and could fall under a singular proceeding. This improves the efficiencies of the court system while being able to consider all facts before making a final decision.

When participating in a class action lawsuit, all participants agree to forfeit individual case differences to become a treated as a single plaintiff. Often, a single law firm will lead the case from beginning to end acting in the best interests of the group. They fight to ensure appropriate compensation is rewarded to those who have been taken advantage of. It’s important to know that the final settlement will be the same for every member of the class action lawsuit. Speaking to a licensed professional is imperative to understand if you qualify for a class action lawsuit. In certain circumstances, it may be beneficial to file a proceeding individually as your case may bear better results. Again, speaking to a class action lawsuit attorney is the best step in understanding what’s best for you and your case.

When to Hire a Class Action Attorney

The hardest part about hiring a class action attorney is figuring out when to do so. The entire premise of class action lawsuits is incredibly overwhelming and can be confusing at times. The biggest regret our clients have is not speaking to us sooner. We are the premier class action lawsuit attorneys in the Seattle, Washington area. We hate seeing corporations take employees for granted. You dedicate your life and time to these corporations that are flush with cash. It’s important to stand up for what is right especially when it affects you and your family. You deserve equality, justice, and transparency with your employer.

At Mercer Law Group, we stress the notion of honest and open communication. We are working together as a team to fight for what is right. All consultations are completely free, and our goal is to guide you through this difficult time. Even if you don’t hire us, understanding your options is the first step in resolving this once and for all. We are glad to share our previous experiences or connect you with any of our past clients. Our Google reviews rave about our creative approaches, relentless nature, and ability to problem solve difficult situations. We love challenges, but most importantly we love getting our clients the outcomes they deserve. Call us now to speak to our friendly staff. We will connect you right with the attorney handling your case. All work is handled internally with your family in mind. Together we can and we will get you the justice you deserve. The first step is to call now!

Class Action Lawsuits in Seattle

Class Action Lawsuits are very common in the Seattle metropolitan area. Seattle, Washington is a hot bud of activity drawing in thousands of hard-working employees. With hundreds of large corporations such as Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, there are many places in which to work. As competition gets fierce, some corporations force employees to work extra hours and not claim certain benefits outlined in their employment contracts. Our job at Mercer Law Group is to prevent this injustice from occurring. All employees should be compensated fairly based on the agreement they signed when joining the company. Often, we don’t challenge these large corporations in fear of job loss or retaliation. While these outcomes seem possible, they are completely illegal and unethical. It is against the law to not report hours worked. It’s also illegal to be dismissed from a company based on accurate time keeping and honoring your employment agreement.

If you or a loved one feels pressured at work to misreport time or violate federal policies, set up a consultation immediately. The longer you wait, the bigger the headache can get. It’s important to build your case as soon as possible. Together we can iron out the facts and protect yourself from greedy corporations. All conversations with us are highly confidential and we will not disclose any details to other agencies, corporations, or individuals. Client privacy is our foremost concern and we handle all clients like they are family. We are available around the clock to answer your questions or concerns. We understand that these are very trying times and we will do everything possible to help. Don’t fight this alone. Let’s fight this together to protect your rights and your social well-being. Schedule a free phone consultation today to start down the road of remediation.

Class Action Lawsuits in Bellevue, Washington

We believe we are some of the best class action lawsuit attorneys in Bellevue, Washington. We have a decorated history in class action lawsuits. Our experiences span over 95 years in employment law. Hiring the best team to handle your case will make the difference in your outcome. Class action lawsuits are lengthy, dense, and complex. The best advice we give our clients is to hire the best legal counsel to protect your rights similarly to how we hire the best doctor to handle our health conditions.

Hiring Mercer Law Group will save you time and money. We are very familiar with the court system, the judges, faculty, and the most recent revisions to the law. We constantly visiting legal libraries, the capital, and judicial texts to remain on the cutting edge of legislation. Understanding the rules translates into results far superior than our peers. We have successfully negotiated with the largest corporations in the Bellevue, Washington area. We have what it takes to conquer any challenge.

Mercer Law Group was recently awarded the “Top Attorney Lawsuits and Disputes” award from Avvo.com. We hold a perfect 10.0 rating with outstanding reviews from previous and current clients. We aren’t shy about sharing our success. We are the top attorneys with the expertise, knowledge, and will power to solve your case. The help you need is only a phone call today. Call now.

King County, Washington Class Action Law Firms

Mercer Law Group is a class action law firm in King County, Washington. Since class action lawsuits require a large group, it’s advised to have preliminary conversations with your peers and co-workers. Understanding their stance on participating in a class action lawsuit will guide your path to justice. The judicial system doesn’t define the number of participants required for a class action suit to take place, but in our experience it’s best to have 50 people who share similar case characteristics. The courts generally don’t prefer smaller groups due to the variance in facts. It’s suggested to speak with an attorney before taking any further action at work or in court.

It’s easy to make an uneducated decision, but it’s very difficult to reverse misspoken words or legal actions. Save the time and stress of dealing with this issue alone. Enlist your friendly allies at Mercer Law Group to equip you for success. We can draft the appropriate paperwork, review your current employment contract, and speak with every member of your class action suit to discover the best plan of action. The hardest part is setting up time with an attorney. We offer a commitment free no questions asked phone consultation for those who have been taken advantaged of. Don’t wait!

Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys